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Things to do


Lyon is a vibrant city built around the junction of the Rhône and Saône. It's famous for it's culinary scene, in particular, it's bouchons. There are many wonderful bouchons in Lyon, but if you want an easy choice, Sophie and I would recommend Daniel et Denise St. Jean. It's located in Vieux Lyon, or old Lyon, a charming neighborhood with beautiful architecture, interesting shops, and the secret traboules. We also highly recommend the Musee des Beaux-Arts and a walk along the Rhône, perhaps stopping at one of the many restaurants clubs located on boats floating in the river.

Beaujolais Wine Tastings and Tours

Want to explore the Beaujolais region during your stay? Then, check out this site. It has lots of information about things to do including unmissable activities and tours/tastings.

Val d'Oingt

One of the most beautiful villages of France, and the only one in the Rhone department, Val d'Oingt is a small, golden stone village about 40 minutes from the Château des Ravatys by car. In addition to the beatiful sights and scenery, there are many artists and artisans with shops lining the small streets. There also a great creperie.